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Delete Shortcut Virus

Shortcut virus usually has two forms: Flash Drive Shortcut virus and Folder Shortcut virus. Both two virus would make USB drive or file folders become shortcuts, causing USB or file folder inaccessible with shortcut formats. By this, users would have to suffer serious data loss trouble and even huge economic loss. So what to do and how to fix the shortcut virus? Follow to find answers here now. What to do when the computer, laptop, USB or SD get infected by shortcut virus? Hi guys, are you looking for a way to remove and clean up shortcut virus from your computer, laptop, hard drive partition, USB drive or SD card etc devices? Don’t know what to do with the shortcut virus? Here below are some tips for you to follow and get your devices ready to remove shortcut virus: 1. Install anti-virus software on your PC; 2. Disconnect internetwork with your computer; 3. Find reliable data recovery software in case of data loss trouble (if necessary). How to remove shortcut virus from PC/laptop…